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Walking the Avenue of Life

We live on an avenue in the middle of town. While the thought of peace and quiet somewhere way out in the middle of nowhere might sound nice for a vacation, we aren’t country-living kind of people. We like the feeling of being surrounded by other people.

We feel busy. We should be busy! More importantly, God is busy. We see Him working in so many points in our lives, changing us—sometimes painfully, sometimes joyfully—and teaching us about Himself. He is busy in the ministries we are involved in in our own little town, and we see Him work globally, fulfilling His great and master plan to bring people to Himself. We want others to know what He is doing.

We have different avenues of thought and different avenues of interest. We are compiling dozens of thoughts from two very different (albeit extremely in love) people into this blog. Being an MDiv student, sometimes Billy will share more technical devotionals, filled with the finer details of the original biblical languages and their word meanings. He can also share what he writes for guitar or voice. Grace might share her heart as a wife or mom or just offer a new favorite recipe. We are learning to write together, too, both using our gifts to bring one concise post to the table.

There’s no one topic we want to tackle. We just want to share Christ in our community and through all our busy avenues.

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