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How We Got the Bible


This is a class I taught at my church on how we got the Bible. It serves to demonstrate what it means that we have Bible translations today that we can trust in many languages. I intentionally use the KJV as a starting point for the discussion, which serves as an open and honest format to teach on what has been a needlessly divisive topic. 



Proclaim His Death

My Faith Has Found
Resting Place (new melody)

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson 2 - Why Greek and Hebrew?

Lesson 3 - Old Manuscripts

Lesson 4 - Early English Bibles

Lesson 5 - The Translators and the KJV Preface

Lesson 6 - The KJV

Lesson 6 - Archaic Word Quiz and Answer Sheet

Lesson 7 - Translations

Recommended Resource List

Please feel free to use this class material. Please cite any sources that you use appropriately and understand that this material is not for sale. If you make adjustments, note for your class or setting that you have made adjustments. 

I Am Not Ashamed

Give Honor to the 
Great I AM

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