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Christ is King! Pictures of Christ series: Part 2

“For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11

As it is Christmas, December 25, 2023, I thought now the perfect time to bring part 2 of the pictures of Christ series – Christ is King!

This is the first in the series of pictures given to us in Colossians 1, beginning in vs. 13. God the Father (1:12) has delivered us from the domain of darkness and has transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son.

There’s a reason Luke 2:11 mentions “the city of David.” The Old Testament Messiah needed to descend from the kingly line of David, from Bethlehem specifically (Micah 5:2). Bethlehem belonged to the clans of Judah (remember the scepter from Genesis 49!), and out of Judah and Bethlehem specifically would come one to be ruler over Israel. And not just Israel, but these Colossians New Testament gentile saints down to present-day saints like you and me—if He is indeed your King.

Colossians 1:13, “He (the Father) has delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred (KJV translated – that is, geographically moved from one place to another) us into the kingdom of his beloved Son.”

The picture of Christ as King in Colossians 1 is meant to bring several truths to the believing mind:

1) All who are in Christ no longer belong to this world. Instead, followers of Christ (Hebrew “Meshiach,” Greek “Christos,” English “Anointed One/Chosen King!”) belong to a new kingdom. The Kingdom of the King of Kings—the “Meshiach-King”—the LORD. This Christmas, whatever hardship may come to mind, or whatever animosity one carries against the Name, no one will be able to eternally side-step this truth. Christ reigns. The Kingdom is the Son’s.

2) As I write this so many Christmas lyrics flood my mind. “Long lay the world in sin and error pining. We’re not just sinners. Without Christ, we were his enemies and we liked it. We longed for it. Rebellious addicts of darkness. The Father, the King of Kings, and the Spirit of Truth have guaranteed our eternal hope out of that confusion. Without the light and life brought by the King there is no meaning. No beauty. No hope. Just tyrannical darkness.

3) But, “. . . light and life to all he brings, rise with healing in his wings.” Being brought out of darkness means I can now have purpose. There is beauty because there is light. There is hope because there is now divinely granted new life and purpose through the King of Kings.

4) I have a new citizenship. I’m living for my King. He is perfectly good, wise, and loving. I’m never going back. “He rules the world with truth and Grace.”

Merry Christmas. Christ is King!

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